FISHING REPORT     XINGU Fishing Report 2021  |  September 29, 2021

The weather this week was sunny everyday.

31-34C (day) 20-22C (night).

Water Temperature: 30 c

River Conditions
The water level of the Xingu river was stable and still clear colored. 

Fishing Conditions
Vampire fish were very active with short windows of slower fishing this week, with most of the bites coming on heavy sinking lines (500 grains) and big dark flies with trailer hooks. We saw lots of success with the other characters in the river as well, like pacu and matrinxã! We were able to convince them to bite on small fruit imitations.

Fishing Stats

Number of Anglers: 8

Total number of fish landed over this week: 202 (Payara, Peacock Bass, Bicuda, Matrinxã, Corvina, Wolfish) 

Total Payara Landed: 12
Total Payara Missed: 30
Biggest Payara landed in this week: 82 cm 
Payara: 12
Peacock Bass: 150
Matrinxã: 12
Bicuda: 6
Corvina: 6
Pacu: 10
Wolfish: 6
Catfish: 11 

Highlight of the Week
Mike and Malte did a great job achieving a “Xingu Grand Slam” catching Vampire Machete, Vampire Cachulenga (red tail) and regular vampire. Well done boys!

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