FISHING REPORT     Xingu Fishing Report 2022  |  November 28, 2022

This week we were accompanied by a group of 3 fishermen from the UK, Czech Republic, and Brazil.


The temperatures this week held between 28º and 34º, descending to 24º and 26º at night. We had mainly sunny days with a few showers in the area.


Fishing Conditions: Payara fishing was excellent this week.

With the water levels stable, we thought that fishing was going to be difficult, but the payaras were very active. They were not eating on the surface, but with streamers — it was a blast! Most of the fish were caught in big pools and deep water, our primary mode of attack being sinking lines (400 to 500 grains, 7ips) and big tube flies. Black and purple and black and red tube flies with trailer hooks and a wiggle tail worked especially well.


Fishing Stats:

Number of Anglers: 3


Payaras: 58

Red tail payaras: 1

“Machete” payaras: 11 

Corvinas: 7

Peacock bass: 72 

Bicudas: 8

Matrinxa?: 2

Pacu: 1

Wolf fish: 2

Cat fish: 8



Daniel was fishing in the Amazon for the second time. His main objective was to capture as many species as possible, and fishing the Xingu undoubtedly paid off. Payaras, tucunares, matrinxas, trairao, and bicudas — almost all the species. Well done mate! On the other hand, Katka wanted to catch the fish of her dreams, a big vampire. What place is better than Xingu? Not only did she capture it, but she did so in great numbers and incredible size. She also caught this season’s largest corvina, what a beautiful fish Katka! Congratulations to both!