FISHING REPORT     Xingu Fishing Report 2022  |  November 16, 2022

With high levels in the river, a new structure of currents in the wells, and a lot of bait moving, we were expecting a great week and we certainly got it!

This week we were accompanied by a group of three anglers from the US, focused exclusively on payaras. We had full fishing sessions in search of this species. 

The temperatures this week were between 28 and 34o, descending to a few gradual 24 and 26 at night.

We had mainly sunny days with a few showers in the area.


Fishing Stats Number of Anglers: 3

Payaras: 40

Corvinas: 7

Peacock bass: 9

Bicudas: 7

Matrinxa?: 2

Pacu: 1

Wolf fish: 0

Catfish: 1


This week, we must highlight the incredible number of payaras captured by just three anglers. Since their first day with us, they had a ton of action, and it really never stopped. Giant payara, red tail payara and machete payara were the target species! Vampires were in a hunting mood and they were incredibly aggressive!

Our good friend Justin also landed a very unusual catch, a “palmito” catfish while he was searching for his trophy. He did actually land a personal best as well, 93 cm. of pure power in a pool just around the corner from our lodge !

What a week we just had! Fishing has been amazing, and we look forward to seeing what next week has to bring. 


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