FISHING REPORT     Xingu Fishing Report 2022  |  November 04, 2022

Fortunately, the river’s water levels continue to rise, modifying the structure of currents in the wells and boosting periods of greater activity with the payaras.
This week we were accompanied by a group of 6 fishermen from the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, the Czech Republic and Brazil. Almost everyone in the group was focused exclusively on the elusive payaras, so we had some excellent fishing sessions in search of this species.
The temperature this week sustained between 28o and 34o, descending to a few graduable 24o and 26o at night.

The occasional rain was a constant this week with isolated storms and long periods of cloudy skies.

Fishing Stats
Number of Anglers: 6

Payaras : 29
Corvinas: 0
Peacock bass: 92
Bicudas: 10
Matrinxã: 7
Pacu: 5
Wolf fish: 0
Catfish: 2

This week we must highlight the large number of payaras captured. With a mixed bag of sizes using various techniques to provoke their attacks, they proved to us again what makes them so amazing. They are a true trophy that tests the skills of all anglers and guides, and the most successful of the bunch have an open mind and are unafraid of using new techniques and tactics.