FISHING REPORT     Xingu Fishing Report 2022  |  October 21, 2022

Weather: We had many days of heavy rain this week. 

Temperature: Between 31° and 38 C during the day and 20°C to 26°C at night.

Water Temperature: 28 °C 

Xingu River Conditions: The water level of the Xingu River is rising. Tributaries and little creeks are changing color and water level varies as well. The temperature dropped almost 2 degrees during the week.

Fishing Conditions: Payara fishing was difficult this week, but on the other hand, we had a blast with other species like peacocks, matrinxas and pacus. Payaras are still in big pools and sitting in deep water. The best way to chase them is with the help of sinking lines (400-500 grains, 7ips) and large tube flies with trailer hooks and wiggle tails. We had great luck with black and purple, in addition to black and red. The peacocks were active and we saw some great surprises regarding their size. Poppers worked well for peacocks and matrinxas, and after the rain, we had a chance to fish for pacus with our beloved dry flies. 

Fishing Stats: Number of Anglers: 7

Total number of fish landed over this week: 324 (Payara, peacock bass, bicuda, matrinxa, corvina, wolffish)


Total Payara Landed: 13

Total Payara Missed: 27

Biggest payara landed this week: 80 cm. 

Payara: 13

Peacock Bass: 198 

Matrinxa: 50

Bicuda: 44 

Corvina: 4 

Wolffish: 2

Cat fish: 1 


Highlight of the Week:

We had a week of big fish on top water! Joshua caught a massive peacock bass and Ockert got a great wolffish, both of them taken on poppers. A huge bicuda was landed with a prototype fly with propeller, which was 85 cm. of a crazy fight for Dr. Frederick!


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