NEWS     Why Untamed Angling destinations are the best choice for your jungle fly fishingtrips?  |  May 25, 2022

There are many reasons why your next adventure fly fishing the Amazon should be with Untamed. Here are a concepts that make us who we are:

a) Exclusivity: We are the first company to obtain the official government licenses and permits to legally operate in indigenous territories in the Brazilian Amazon. Our partnership model with the native people allows us exclusivity over the areas we work. With cooperation with native population, associations, and local government, we help to protect enormous rainforest areas and rivers. Our base concept is to have minimum pressure on the fishery with very few anglers in large portions of protected and remote waters, a completely new thought process from outfitting services in the Amazon. From the angler’s perspective, this exclusivity assures a superior fishing experience, and in turn, helps preserve the rivers and jungle’s fish.

b) World-Class Services & Premium Accommodations: Although our destinations are remote, we offer world-class services, international cuisine, Wi-Fi connection and satellite telephony and luxury accommodations. We developed high-class premises to combine the best of both worlds—entrancing, exhilarating settings outside and splendid, five-star rated rooms and amenities inside, either at our lodges and on the Untamed Amazon, our specifically designed vessel.

c) Unique Fishing Experience (high-skilled guide + native guide): We offer a unique fishing experience thanks to the combination of professional, high-skilled fly fishing and bilingual guides - who have a wide jungle fishing experience - together with the ancestral knowledge provided by indigenous guides. We provide a fishing guide with a professional guide and one or two native guides, every two anglers, generating a unique and personalized experience.

d) Easy Logistics & Comfort: We know that reaching a remote jungle destination is, for most people, a challenging (and unforgettable) experience. With well planned logistics and the best in terms of air, land, and water transportation, our company provides easy and reliable ways to reach our remote jungle lodges.

e) Safety: We guarantee the safety of clients from the moment they arrive at the airport - where they are received, guided and transferred by one of our representatives - until they enter our destinations, with 100% personalized attention. We have a rescue flight for any emergency, first aid kit and knowledge of first aid by all our staff. Additionally, we have partnerships with the most recognized insurance companies worldwide: Global Rescue and AIG.
As for the pandemic, we maintain all current health protocols to continue protecting each and every one of our clients.

f) Sustainability & Commitment to Preserve Nature: Untamed Angling contributes to preserving the over 12 million hectares/almost 30 million acres of rainforest comprising our destinations. We produce thorough environmental reports every season, and dedicate our efforts to studying the fish population and their life cycle. We are in continuous search of fresh, innovative ideas that can help us reduce our ecological footprint, whether through the use of renewable energy, proper waste management or recycling. Our focus on environmental stewardship is so fundamental that our destinations purposely accommodate small groups of guests so that the impact to the environment is kept to the minimum.

g) Equitable Partnership with Indigenous People: A genuine way of keeping their legacy alive is by providing fair employment to over 300 indigenous people, and further 100 non-indigenous locals, our partnership is a means of helping natives preserve their culture and tradition. Because of this close collaboration, our destinations now provide more economical benefits for indigenous people than any other tourist attraction in Latin America, thus improving their quality of life and building a sustainable future for their communities.

This is what we mean when we talk about “The Untamed Angling Concept". These pillars are the DNA of our company. This is our commitment to our natives, nature, and our customers.

You are invited to live this unique experience with us. Welcome to Untamed Angling. Welcome to the Jungle!