FISHING REPORT     Xingu Fishing Report 2021  |  November 30, 2021


Our weather this week was more stable, with only a few showers.

Temperature: 29-33C (day) 20-22C (night).

Water Temperature: 29,5c


River Conditions:

The water is still rising daily, now with a pale green color. In addition to color change, there

are a lot of leaves and branches running through the river.


Fishing Conditions:

Peacock bass, matrinxas and pacu were more active this week.

The first two days were similar to the week before, with payaras actively chasing bait on top of the water. We got a lot of fish to commit with a very fast retrieve close to the surface.

There was steady action throughout the week, and at the end of the week, they were less active.

Fishing Stats:

Number of Anglers: 8


Total number of fish landed over this week: 447 (Payara, peacock bass, Bicuda, Matrinxã, Corvina, Pacu and Wolffish)


Total Payara Landed: 156


Biggest payara landed in this week: 87 cm


Payara: 156

Peacock Bass: 204

Matrinxã: 32

Bicuda: 29

Corvina: 8

Pacu: 14

Wolfish: 4

Catfish: 6


Highlight of the Week:

We had a superb afternoon with Adalberto and Esmerildo, who landed 20 Payaras, with more action from a dozen or more, all from the same pool. These fish were extremely aggressive and we didn’t let a second go by without casting to them. What a session boys! Well done.


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