FISHING REPORT     XINGU Fishing Report 2021  |  October 14, 2021

Weather: Rainy season is already here, and we saw two heavy storms during the week. Temperature: 30-34C (day) and 20-22C (night).
Water Temperature: 29 C

River Conditions: At the start of the week, we had rising water levels, but continued to see clear water.

Fishing Conditions: As is common with a big change in weather and water conditions, fishing for Vampire fish was slow during the week. With any fishing destination, hard work and persistence pays off.

This week, Xingu was no different! We had great Peacock Bass fishing with a lot of action on top water and with streamers. Most of the fish caught had great colors and signs of spawning, which signifies a healthy population of fish!

Fishing Stats:
Number of Anglers: 7
Total number of fish landed over this week: 178 (Payara, Peacock Bass, Bicuda, Matrinxã, Corvina, Pacu and Wolffish)

Total Payara Landed: 14
Total Payara Missed: 30
Biggest payara landed in this week: 86 cm
Payara: 14
Peacock Bass: 125
Matrinxã: 11
Bicuda: 22
Corvina: 2
Pacu: 0
Wolfish: 6
Catfish: 11

Highlight of the Week: Our guest Mike was fishing a deep run with a slow retrieve, focussing mainly on Vampire Fish. After a violent strike and a good run, Mike brought the fish closer to the boat, only to find that he caught a “muturo” (Catfish) who decided to take his fly. This particular pool in the river is now named “Dr. Mike” to honor Mike’s unusual catch! Jamie and his guide Lucas also had the chance to see another Jaguar, our second sighting of the season. Congrats boys.

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