There are several flight options for travelling to Manaus International Airport. Daily non-stop to Manaus operate from Miami, Panama, Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Plan to travel to Miami by Sunday, to connect with the flight to Manaus (MAO Airport). We suggest you arrange your flight to Miami to arrive with plenty of time to make the connecting flight to Manaus. If you are flying from the USA, there are two nonstop daily flights from Miami (AA and TAM airlines). One departs Miami early in morning and arrives in Manaus in the early afternoon; the other flight departs Miami in the late afternoon and arrives in Manaus in the late evening. Once you arrive in Manaus International Airport, our host will be waiting for you for immediate transfer to the pleasant fancy boutique Hotel located in a very nice part of the town.


Early Saturday morning, our host/driver will pick anglers group at fancy Boutique Hotel and take them to the domestic airport for their private charter flight to the Kayapo village of Pukararãnkre on the right bank of the Xingu River. Flight from Manaus to Xingu is operated by an 8-passenger Grand Caravan plane, and normally departs around 6:30 am.The flight duration is 3:30 hours depending on whether a refueling stop is needed. Pukararãnkre village is located 590 miles southeast from Manaus and the plane will land on the airs trip right in the Indian Community.


Brazil requires U.S. citizens to carry a valid U.S. passport. The Brazilian visa is not necessary when traveling to Brazil for tourism. Also make certain your passport does not expire within 6 months of your trip.Check:
Name of Hotel: Untamed Angling do Brasil
Address: Av. Professor Nilton Lins, 2274 - 610
City: Manaus
State: AM
Province: Brasil
Zip Code: 69058-030
Phone number: + 55 11 98181.8703
Email: (Rodrigo Salles)


We strongly recommend securing insurance that covers medical contingencies while abroad and cancel for any reason travel insurance.


Please do not bring unnecessary weight to the lodge. We use small planes for air transfers to and from the lodge and we strictly enforce weight limitations. You will be able to leave items not needed in the lodge with the hotel concierge in Manaus if you are returning to the hotel at the end of the week. There is a strictly-enforced 40 pound (in total) weight restriction per person for the charter flights. Please avoid HARD BODY LUGGAGE.