Fishing in the Amazon jungle represents one of the last frontiers in the fly fishing world. As with any such hyper-remote destinations, there can be challenges associated with offering a first-class experience in the ‘back of beyond’. In the Amazon, water level conditions will, on occasion, present such challenges.The Amazon River annual water level cycles are not a simple equation, even for the most experienced local experts. Normally, high and low water levels here follow a fairly predictable monthly cycle, but climate changes and the effects of stronger or weaker El Niño and La Niña cycles can directly and immediately affect those levels.Specifically, these El Niño and La Niña events tend to impact the amount of rain in the headwaters of Amazon Rivers, which in turn affects the entire Amazon basin.The Xingu system has more than 400 kilometers of rivers and tributaries. This unique and extensive water system allows for incomparable flexibility. Though Xingu season has been chosen to coincide with the best water conditions annually, specially for Payara fishing; it’s difficult to predict water levels, and this is one of the risks associated with fishing in the Amazon. If you are not comfortable with the risk of the river levels being too high or low during your trip, then it is probably not the trip for you. You will not be refunded for water conditions that may not meet your expectations.


FOR U.S. Citizens that are travelling to Untamed Angling - Brazil Lodges in 2021

Travelers will essentially need to obtain a negative COVID - PCR test less than three days before arrival in Brazil.

United States citizens are currently allowed to travel to and enter Brazil. There’s no necessity of VISA for US citizens to travel to Brazil.

Borders in Brazil accessed by air are open, commercial flights are authorized to operate, and hotels are welcoming guests now and for the future.

No quarantine is required.

Vaccination for COVID-19 already started in Brazil. All Indigenous Lands in Brazil natives started to getting the COVID vaccine, and specifically the areas where Untamed Angling projects run. The natives of  Kendjam and Xingu, Pirarucu and Rio Marié are getting vaccinated in February, since they are in the priority vaccination schedule group.

Other biosafety protocols include:
Travelers must wear facemasks while in native villages.
Social distancing measures will be in effect.
Sanitary mats at native lands entrances will be used to disinfect footwear.
There is mandatory disinfection of hands prior to entering in the villages.

FOR THE U.S. citizens that are travelling back to the US from Brazil in 2021:
When returning from the lodges, Untamed Angling will have a private lab crew in place at the Manaus hotel (and or airport) to administer antigen tests. The lab will send the results within two hour of testing. There’s no need to go to any laboratory and our ground staff in Manaus will coordinate tests and certificates to all guests. Cost of the test is USD $30, payable in cash (not included in the package). This will allow anglers to fly back to the United States with the required test certificate to meet the CDC’s requirements.

Contingency Plans