The Xingu Lodge accommodations are 4 double occupancy wood cabins with spring box beds, bathroom, hot water and electric light. The lodge is located on the bank of the Xingu river looking out over a gorgeous Home Pool; near to the Kamotjam community where 3 traditional Kayapó families live, who grow cassava, cocoa and other plants that constitute their traditional diet.

Every evening guests will be delighted by a delicious cuisine made by the Untamed Angling chef's in the dining room. Filtered water, soft drinks and juices will complete the beverage list on the lodge. Included Wifi Satellite services are provided for all our guests. Satphone calls are also available at additional cost.

Electric generators will provide full electric power every night and each lodge has 110-volt plugs so remember to bring your 110V to 220V converter if needed. You may charge batteries and use an electric shaver in every lodge. We provide laundry service at the lodge at no additional cost. Just leave your clothes in a designated container, and they will be returned washed and clean, usually within a day. 


Accommodations & Services

An added bonus of this unique Xingu payara trip will be the presence of biologists at the lodge. The Kayapo Xingu wilderness is rich in all wildlife including many mammal and bird species listed as threatened or endangered but that are abundant in Kayapo territory. For example, from the lodge you can expect to see troops of the endangered and entertaining white -whiskered spidermonkey as well as many of the world's largest parrot/macaw species, the famous brilliant blue hyacinth macaw. The biologists will be scouting wildlife viewing locations and putting out camera traps.The photos will be reviewed in the lodge at the end of each week. We can expect to see many shots of exciting Amazonian animals.