The mythological Xingu River inside the Kayapo Indigenous Land in the Brazilian Amazon is home of Xingu Lodge.

The Xingu basin offers the most prolific multi-species fishery in the Amazon and probably of all freshwater rivers on earth, and the most protected area flows more than 250 km through over 22 million acres of virgin primary Amazon forest protected by the Kayapo indigenous people where the exclusive Xingu Lodge takes place.


The Xingu offers many different habitats for fish: meanders, pools, channels, lakes, lagoons, riffles, rapids and waterfalls. The consequence is unparalleled fish species diversity. The spectacular rainforest wilderness territory of the Kayapo indigenous people in south eastern Amazon of Brazil is home of most protected area of this incredible river.

The waters of the Xingu and Iriri are impressively clear because they drain ancient Brazilian shield granite, in contrast to most large Amazon rivers which are laden with sediment, and anglers can target various species using different techniques all in the same stretch of river.


There are a variety of unique destinations in the world - virginal locations where the journey there is half the adventure and life-changing experiences await you.

At Untamed Angling we seek them relentlessly, regardless of how remote they may be. We remain undeterred by obstacles or difficulties because we are instinctively driven by our adventurous spirit.

With amazing wilderness and ethnical experience , the Xingu offers more than an outstanding fishing trip - it is a journey to a remote and ancient native civilization who still live in harmony with their forest and the xingu river. Experience their living myths of a spectacular river and jungle fish is possibly the angling adventure of a lifetime


We promote and practice sustainable operations through the use of renewable energy, proper waste treatment, recycling, and other actions to ensure minimal environmental impact and reduce our footprint. Unlike many other tourism enterprises, our destinations purposely accommodate only small groups of anglers in an effort to reduce environmental and social impact.


As is with all of our destinations, Untamed Angling is deeply committed to the protecting the ecosystem and preserving a way of life for the local community through sustainable fly fishing tourism. With our Kayapó partners in the Xingu, including the Associacao Floresta Protegida (AFP) and Brazilian Government institutions including the FUNAI - Brazilian Indigenous Foundation, and IBAMA – Brazilian Institute of Enviroment, Untamed Angling is actively supporting research programs and biological data collection to further understand the fishery and ecosystems.


We operate only in unique pristine environments. Our goal is to provide anglers the very best fishing experience in its class.


We work very closely and cooperatively with government agencies and local communities to secure and maintain wild fisheries. This cooperative work guarantees the exclusive use and control of Xingu Lodge and access to a world-class fishery with sustainable and nonharmful use of resources.



The Xingu Lodge accommodations will be in comfortable rooms with with spring box beds, bathroom, hot water, eletricity and satelital wifi internet. The camp is located on the bank of the Xingu river looking out over a gorgeous rapid and home pool. Every evening guests will be delighted by Untamed Angling cheff’s delicious gourmet cuisine in a dining room.

  • Spacious Rooms and Private bathrooms
  • First-class service and English speaking professional guides
  • Gourmet food
  • Gourgeous lodge view and home pool
  • Reliable Communications - Sat Internet and phone
  • Easy access to fishing spots



The “Butire” as it is known in the Kayapo language and means the River King - is a protected clear waters fly fishing and conventional fishing paradise - ideal for anglers who want to target payara with a range of techniques and also target additional amazing jungle species such as peacock bass, wolf fish, bicuda, matrinchas, red tail catfish and more.

Payara, one of the ultimate jungle predators, are known largely for their sizable teeth and aggressive behavior and in Xingu are known to reach more than 20 pounds. Rio Xingu's clear waters are ideal for fly anglers who want to target payara with a range of fishing techniques.
In addition of the Payara, Wolfish and Peacock Bass anglers can take on Bicudas, Matrinxas, Pacu and more. And guests aren’t limited to the fly fishing on a trip with us. From the

numerous red tail catfish to the jaú and the monster Piraiba, the Xingu is well known to be home of the largest catfish in the Amazon jungle. This can be a great way to add even more to a diverse angling experience.

Anglers can access a wide variety of waters, from runs, rapids, deep pools, flats, jungle creeks from our specially desgned aluminum skiffs with the assistance of one experienced English speaking professional guide and the ancient knowledge of the Kayapos native guides together. That brings to the Xingu a superior fishing experience.



Every week we share with you how the fishing is going on.





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